Additional investigations of lifting equipment

Additional structural inspections of lifting equipment, provided by the DM 11.04.2011, apply to equipment in service for over 20 years and consist of a series of in-depth investigations - aimed at detecting faults, defects or anomalies - and in the calculation of residual life cycles.

The equipment for further investigations consists in:

  • cranes
  • boom trucks, tower crane, jib cranes, gantry crane
  • telescopic handlers
  • elevating aerial platforms
  • mobile scaffolding
  • self-propelled telescopic boom fixed and swivel
  • aerial ladders with variable inclination
  • motorized scaffolding suspended
  • self raising column
  • freight elevators, construction
  • fruit harvesters agricultural machinery
  • mobile lifting equipment
  • transferable lifting equipment
  • fixed appliances lifting

According to standard ISO 9927-1, additional checks and structural verification include:

  • the preliminary assessment of the class of machines;
  • how to use the machine during the life cycle;
  • visual examination;
  • instrumental testing and non-destructive testing (NDT) ;
  • final report on the inspection and investigation (signed by crane inspector), accompanied by the certificate of inspection based on magnetic particles, performed by a certified operator UNI EN 473/ISO 9712, which will describe any deficiencies and the remaining life of the equipment.

Sateco srl works with qualified staff CICPnD II and III level, according to ISO 9712 .

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