Magneto - Inductive Testing

Magneto - inductive testing (MIT) for the examination of wire ropes is a method of nondestructive testing that can be applied on most of the ropes in operation, both in the public and private transport systems, which in plant construction site and industrial.

This technique provides the sliding of the wire rope through a specific device, which generates a magneto- inductive field inside. The equipment is connected to a recorder, which records the magnetic flux that crosses the rope itself.

Any defect (normally translated as a reduction in section, as they seek wires of broken strands, crushing, local breaks, etc.) causes local variation and total field originally induced.

In terms of acquisition, if there is an abnormal signal (peak) due to a defect, it can qualitatively compare the amplitude with a reference signal due to test wire (places on a stretch of the rope, to simulate an increase section).

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